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Oct 19

Natural Ant Killer for a Vegetable Garden


A couple of weeks ago I planted all of my winter vegetables and noticed there was a nice path of ants walking right through my garden. Through my research I don’t think ants are a terrible bug to have in a garden since they clean up fungus and other dead insects. However, I could tell …

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Oct 13

DIY Seed Starter Compostable Newspaper Pots


Fall is here!! I have started our fall garden and am very excited to see how our veggies turn out. Last year I planted a few things here and there, however this year I have gone all out and planted so many different seeds. We have a herb garden that always has rosemary, basil, and …

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Sep 30

Witch Pumpkin


Carter and I got in the Fall spirit this weekend and decorated our first pumpkin of the year together. We had purchased a cardboard hat at Joann’s Craft Store for $1.50 a week or so ago and thought this would go perfect on our witch pumpkin.

Sep 21



I have been composting for over a year now and absolutely love it. We purchased our composter at Costco and I have no complaints about it. Our composter was purchased on clearance, however they sell the same composter on Amazon just a different color.  I love the idea of turning the foods that came from …

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Sep 07

Soaking Your Own Beans


My husband and I recently watched a documentary called Forks Over Knives.  We have been so intrigued by this video that we are trying to limit the amount of animal products that we consume. I will not go into all of the details as to why, I strongly suggest just watching the movie. Briefly the …

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