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May 30

Local Community Garden On The Oregon Coast


My husband noticed there was a community garden less than a mile from where we are staying. I thought I would check it out today. There are no signs explaining the garden and how it works so I went to a local nursery across the street to get some info. They didn’t know a whole …

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May 28

Simple Children’s Garden


This past weekend the boys and I made a small garden. Since we are spending the summer in Oregon Carter and I have been really missing our garden back home. I saw several cute kid’s gardens online and thought it would be fun to make one here for the summer. We bought most of our …

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Nov 15

Using Egg Shells in the Garden


My new obsession lately has been gardening, and let me tell you I have gotten really carried away. I am growing a large variety of vegetables for our fall garden including two types of tomatoes, romaine lettuce, garlic, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, carrots, onions, turnips, swiss chard, radishes, peppers, snow peas, green beans, egg plant, cilantro, …

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Oct 19

Natural Ant Killer for a Vegetable Garden


A couple of weeks ago I planted all of my winter vegetables and noticed there was a nice path of ants walking right through my garden. Through my research I don’t think ants are a terrible bug to have in a garden since they clean up fungus and other dead insects. However, I could tell …

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Oct 13

DIY Seed Starter Compostable Newspaper Pots


Fall is here!! I have started our fall garden and am very excited to see how our veggies turn out. Last year I planted a few things here and there, however this year I have gone all out and planted so many different seeds. We have a herb garden that always has rosemary, basil, and …

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