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Sep 21



I have been composting for over a year now and absolutely love it. We purchased our composter at Costco and I have no complaints about it. Our composter was purchased on clearance, however they sell the same composter on Amazon just a different color.  I love the idea of turning the foods that came from …

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May 20

Tipsy Top Planter


I previously made a tipsy top planter for our backyard and my husband thought he would make one for his mom for Mother’s Day. He found an awesome large foam planter for the bottom pot at Costco for only $18. The smaller pots were purchased at the dollar store.

May 08

Homegrown pumpkins for Halloween


Last year I planted pumpkin seeds, as recommended, a couple days after the 4th of July and they didn’t make it through the summer heat. I thought this year I would try planting them earlier than the recommended 4th. This year I planted them on February 21st. I had read online that the earlier they …

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May 07

Upcycled Paint Can Birdhouse

Paint can bird feeders

Saw this great idea using paint cans to make a birdhouse. These are so cute and would make a great project for the kids. What you will need: Paint cans, new or used. If you are using a recycled paint can be sure to wash it really well. Amazon sells new paint cans for less …

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Apr 28

Tipsy Top Planter

IMG_1387 [800x600]

I saw this cute idea for a planter and just had to try it. I purchased plastic pots just because they were less expensive. I think the terracotta pots would work just as well, maybe a little better. I used six pots total, 2 of each size. Drive the rebar into the ground and then …

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