May 05

Cooper’s 2nd Birthday – Elmo Themed

IMG_3281We celebrated Cooper’s 2nd birthday this weekend. He absolutely loves Elmo, which made it very easy to pick the theme of his party. We had a great time with family and friends celebrating. Here is what our party looked like.

Cooper’s cake was super easy to make, but we got so many compliments on how cute it was. It was a four layer cake, frosted with blue frosting out of a store bought container. I was going for simple, so I didn’t want to spend a lot of time making frosting from scratch, that I personally don’t think tastes very good. I then placed gumballs all around the bottom and Crayola crayons on the side of the cake (they’re non-toxic anyway). I put an Elmo candle on top with a few other candles to give it some dimension. I simply wrote Happy Birthday Cooper on top and it was done. After baking the cakes the night before, it took maybe 30 minutes to make.

IMG_3312The inside of the cake was two layers of vanilla and two layers of strawberry, specifically requested my my older son, Carter.

IMG_2964IMG_3296IMG_2960For the kids treat bags I used red bags and cut Elmo eyes and a nose out of foam sheets. I then hot glued them on and filled the bags with goodies.

IMG_2998The goodies included a chocolate covered marshmallow representing Dorothy’s fish bowl, Cheeze-itsĀ  with letters on them, and a chocolate chip cookie from Costco. All of the tags were designed and made by my husband.

IMG_3010For the kids we also had Elmo juice boxes found at Walmart.

IMG_2974I also made additional chocolate covered marshmallows for the adult guests. To make them I melted white chocolate and added blue food coloring. I then dipped the marshmallows into the chocolate trying to let the excess drip off before letting it cool. Once the chocolate hardened I painted a layer of chocolate on the bottom and added sprinkles to look like rocks in a fish bowl. I did the same to apply the goldfish.

IMG_2959We bought chocolate cookies from Costco and placed them in individual bags for all of the guests as well.

IMG_3006I used red plates and again cut out eyes and a nose from foam sheets for the kids plates. Super easy and super cute!

IMG_3008For food we had a couple of different kids of hot dogs, fruit salad, potato salad, chips, goldfish, tea, and bottles of water.


I found this cute fish bowl idea on pinterest.

IMG_2977IMG_2979A custom street sign made by my husband.

IMG_2986For the games I kept it super simple. We played Oscar’s Trash Toss. I crumpled up newspaper and the kids saw how many they could make into the trash can. This was another great idea found on Pinterest.

IMG_2983We also played Ernie’s Bath Time. I wrote numbers on the bottom of the rubber ducks and then the kids got to pick a prize from that numbered container. The younger kids really enjoyed this one and playing in the water.

IMG_2982IMG_3276The kids really enjoyed sitting on the little chairs and picnic tables we brought to the park.

IMG_2967Elmo balloons from Dollar Tree.

IMG_3295IMG_3477Happy Birthday Cooper!! Mama, Papa, and Carter love you!!


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  1. katie

    Looks like so much fun! :)

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