May 28

Simple Children’s Garden

This past weekend the boys and I made a small garden. Since we are spending the summer in Oregon Carter and I have been really missing our garden back home. I saw several cute kid’s gardens online and thought it would be fun to make one here for the summer. We bought most of our supplies at the Dollar store, Bi-mart, and Walmart. I really wanted a white picket fence around the garden, but was not successful in finding one. We did manage to find lots of other cute things that turned out just perfect.


The boys really enjoyed digging in the dirt and planting different seeds. We planted sunflowers, green beans, lavender, and cantaloupe. These were just some of the seeds I brought with me so I am not sure if the season is right or not. We also purchased a few plants, basil, strawberry, and squash.

gardenCarter wrote the labels for most of the plants. Unfortunately we didn’t have a marker at the time so a pen had to do.


IMG_4410IMG_4409IMG_4427IMG_4428I wanted to make the garden very colorful, so I tried to find small accessories to place around the garden. We found a small wind chime, some solar lights, a spinning flower, a couple of rakes, shovel, and watering can. I then painted a few pieces of drift wood that my parents found on the beach. Eventually I want to place the Carter and Cooper’s Garden sign on a stake, but that will require my husbands help.

IMG_4415IMG_4413IMG_4412IMG_4422IMG_4418IMG_4419We had a blast making out mini garden for Oregon. Carter loves to check on it everyday and water it even though it probably doesn’t need it with all of the rain we have been getting.

Happy gardening!!


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