Dec 05

Lansinoh Nursing Pads vs Avent Nursing Pads

Nursing pads are almost a necessity for nursing moms in the first months of nursing. I don’t know what I would do without them. If I go for a long stretch without nursing I tend to start leaking. Also while nursing my son on one side the other side always starts leaking. I have used several types of nursing pads and now my favorite brand are the Lansinoh. I will be reviewing two kinds today the Avent and Lansinoh.

First my favorite, the Lansinoh disposable nursing pads. These pads are wonderful. They are very thin, but hold a lot of liquid. When I nurse Cooper on one side the other side tends to leak. I have caught the drips in my pump container and there was about 2oz that leaked. I wear the same pad all day and change it at night. The pad holds a ton of liquid and I have not had a problem with the pads leaking. I also like the size of the pad. They seem to be larger around than most nursing pads. They are much larger in diameter than the Avent pads I will be reviewing next. Each pad is wrapped individually. I like and dislike this. I like it because when traveling you can just throw them in your bag and not have to worry about them getting dirty. I dislike the wraps because it is just one more step in the morning, opening the package and making an extra trip the the trash can. Also if you are an environmentalist these are no way eco friendly. Lots of unnecessary trash. Over all though I really like these pads.

The other type of pad I use is the Avent Eco-Friendly disposable pads. I am not a hug fan of the size of the pads. They are thicker than the Lansinoh pads and they are not as big around. If you are wearing a bra that is not padded and are wearing a tight shirt they are very noticeable. They still hold a good portion of liquid, but I have had problems leaking onto my bra and shirt. I am not sure if this is because they are not as big around or they just don’t hold as much liquid as the Lansinoh. These were the pads I bought before Cooper was born intending to use them in the first few week of nursing. We all know that nursing in the first couple of weeks is very painful. I used the Lansinoh cream and these pads seemed to stick really bad. If I didn’t put enough cream on they would stick to the nipple. I would have to get a warm wash cloth and peal them away. This is when I stopped using these. They are fine now that I am not as sensitive, but in those first few weeks they were no good. I do like the fact that these are eco-friendly. They are not individually wrapped so that waste is saved. Although they do need to be kept in the box to keep them from getting dirty. Since these are eco-friendly I can throw them right into our composter. If you are a green person I would say these are a great disposable pad.

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