Apr 28

How to Prevent Teeth Marks on Your Crib

Cooper is 11 months old and now has his top and bottom four teeth. He has recently started biting his crib. I had looked online for ideas on how to prevent this and found that they sell a fabric teething guard on Amazon for about $20. I then though I would just make one out of extra fabric I have. When I was measuring the crib it occurred to me that the crib bumper might just work. So I removed the front and side bumpers and tied them to the top of the crib. Cooper doesn’t really need the bumpers anymore and they tie perfectly on the top rails. I have had them up now for about a week and they work great!! I was so excited that I didn’t need to spend extra money on something that would not match our bedding and I didn’t have to find the time to make something. This has solved our baby bite marks on the crib, hope this can work for you too!

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