Dec 06

Cloth Diaper Review: bumGenius One-size 4.0 Snap

My husband and I have tried a lot of cloth diapers and the bumGenius one-size 4.0 snap is by far my favorite. We started using cloth diapers when Cooper was a couple moths old. We bought 12 of the bumGenius for $17.95 each on Amazon and have not been disappointed. Cloth diapers are definitely an investment, but if you can stick with it I do believe that money can be saved. Cooper is now 6 months old and these diapers are still working perfectly.

There are many things I love about these diapers. First, I love the pocket diaper concept. I feel that there is less room for leaks since the liner is so wide and goes all the way to the edge of the diaper. The stuffing of the diapers is an extra step, but one well worth it. All cloth diapers require more work so stuffing the diaper is really not a big deal. During the day we use the large microfiber liner and then at night we use the large liner with the newborn liner stacked on top. I consider Cooper a heavy wetter and this will hold all night, 8-10 hours. I have had no issues with blowouts. When I used pampers it seemed like every time my boys had a poopie diaper there was a huge mess and stained clothes. I have never had a bumGenius diaper leak poop. There have been a couple instances where urine has leaked, but I do consider this my fault. If Cooper goes more than 8-10 hours there is definitely a leak, but i think this might be the case even with disposable diapers.

A couple of other things I like about these diapers. I like that the stay dry liner is organic and wicks the moisture away from the baby’s skin. The liner is very soft and has never cause and issues with Cooper’s skin. I also really like the snaps. We decided to get snaps instead of velcro. I have a couple of diapers with velcro and they are nothing but trouble. They stick to everything in the washing machine and I think the velcro will wear out sooner than snaps. The snaps take a little longer to assemble, but I got used to them pretty quick. Cooper is 20 pounds and on the second rise of snaps. They still fit him great! Since this is a one size diaper it fits babies 7-35 pounds. There are 12 colors available in the 4.0: cream, white, blue, dark blue, green, dark green, pink, dark pink, lavender, mint, yellow, and dark yellow. My favorite is the dark green and of course I only ordered one.

With my washing routine, which I will post later, I have no staining. They wash out great. We use the bumGenius sprayer, and are very happy with it.

I cannot think of any negatives with these diapers. The bumGenius 4.0 are my favorite! I will post an update when Cooper is about 12 months to see how they are holding up.


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