May 19

Beach Towel Tote Bag

The boys and I will be spending a couple of months on the Oregon coast this summer. I wanted to make some beach bags and came across this cute beach towel tote bag. So simple and inexpensive. I found my towel at Target for $4.99. I was able to make three bags out of one towel by folding the towel long ways and dividing into three equal pieces. These beach bags turned out to be about 17 inches wide.

After cutting your towel you will want to sew the edges prevent fraying. Towels fray really bad and will make a mess in the washing machine if not sewn.

I have used a lot of sewing machines and disliked many of them. My newest machine is a Brother CS6000i. This machine is affordable and works very well.  I purchased this sewing machine for about $150 off Amazon. For the edge stitch I used the 15 shown above.

Fold the towel so the wrong side is facing out and pin the sides for sewing.

Sew a straight line about 1/4 in to make sure you catch both edges of the towel.

Bag after you turn it right side out.

I bought two yards of webbing at Joann’s for the straps. I had maybe 8 inches leftover after cutting them to length I wanted. Cut your straps the length you would like plus about an inch.

Pin each end of the strap folding under a little on each side to give it a finished look. Make sure to pin on the inside of the bag. I did not change the bobbin color and the white thread was not visible on the outside of the bag.

Sew a strap to each side of the bag and you are finished. I am no sewing expert and I was able to complete three bags with no issues. So simple and very cute!


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  1. Patty-Mama

    I had to take a peak at my bag….I love it. You did such a great job of providing directions!!!!! Can’t wait to use it!

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