May 20

Tipsy Top Planter

I previously made a tipsy top planter for our backyard and my husband thought he would make one for his mom for Mother’s Day. He found an awesome large foam planter for the bottom pot at Costco for only $18. The smaller pots were purchased at the dollar store.

Supplies you will need:

  • Large planter for the base
  • About 6 plastic pots
  • 1/2 inch rebar
  • Angle grinder or another method for cutting the rebar (hacksaw or bolt cutters would work as well)
  • Potting soil
  • Flowers
  • Drippers (unless you are planning on watering by hand every day or so)
  • Hammer

Place the large pot where you want the planter located.

Cut the rebar to the correct length with an angle grinder. It does not have to be the exact height as you can hammer the remaining in after the last pot is placed.

Hammer the rebar through the hole at the bottom of the planter. You will also want to pull the dripper line through the bottom of each pot as you go.

Then fill the pots with soil as each pot is placed. We used a composted mulch at the bottom of the pots and then put a finer soil on top.

It works best to slide the pots through the middle hole. If the hole is not big enough you can cut the hole bigger with a knife or use a large drill bit .

Then just start sliding your pots on and angling them as you go. Make sure to fill each pot with soil to prevent them from moving.

Plant your flowers and your tipsy top planter is complete.




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  1. Karen

    I am the grateful recipient of this project, and it looks better and better everyday as the flowers grow. It is located right by the front door, and all of my visitors have raved about it. Thanks so much for the thoughtful gift that keeps on giving.

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