May 22

Paper Bag Owl Treat Bags

Cooper’s first birthday is less than two weeks away! The theme for the party is owls. I am so excited because there are so many owl items and ideas out there right now. Found these owl party treat bags made of paper bags and I knew I had to make them. These bags are so simple and you probably have everything you need already at home. I did use my Cricut Expression machine, but all of these shapes can be cut out by hand if you don’t have one. All of the shapes that are used can be found on the Platin Schoolbook fonts cartridge. Most of the time this cartridge comes with the Cricut.

First you will want to cut the paper bag so that the tip comes to a triangle shape when folded down.

Next you will want to cut the circles for the eyes. Each eye will consists of three different size circles. I used brown paper for the bottom circle and set the Cricut to 3 1/4″ cut two for each treat bag.

Set the Cricut to 2 1/2″ in for the white circles and then 1 1/4″ for the black.

Glue your circles together, but not to the paper bag yet. I used Aleene’s tacky glue, works great and drys fast. Cut yellow diamonds for the beak. I did not use the Cricut for this I just free handed them. Then you will want to cut the colored paper for the body. You can use solid colors or patterned, both will look cute. I again free handed this part.

Glue the patterned paper to the bag first, then the beak, and eyes. Fill your bag with your birthday goodies and seal the bag with either a staple or glue.

We are very excited to hand these out at the party with all of our goodies. If you have made any cute owl party favors please comment and paste the link below. I would love to see them!


  1. Patty-Mama

    These are adorable!!!!!!

  2. Amanda

    Thank you SO MUCH for this tutorial. I just got a Cricut and was wondering how I could use it to make these! What did you put inside the bags? We are doing the owl theme for my daughter’s first birthday too!

    1. Jen

      So glad that this post will help you! You will LOVE the Cricut!! I went to the dollar store and got play doh, crayons, stickers, bubbles, pencils, and a couple of lolly pops. I am not a big fan of candy so I tried to avoid that. There are a bunch of owl stickers out there, most of them are girls colors, so that might work well too! Have fun :0)

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