May 25

Toddler American Flag Project for Memorial Day

In a couple of days the country will be celebrating Memorial Day by barbequing, swimming, and camping, but why not have your toddler make some crafts and teach them a little bit about the holiday.  I thought Memorial Day would be the perfect opportunity to teach Carter, age 3 1/2, about the American flag. This project is very simple and the kids will love it. Carter loves most things that involve glue.

First I cut out a bunch of white stars on my Cricut Expression machine.

Then cut out seven red stripes, six white stripes, and a blue rectangle.

Carter really enjoyed making his flag and I think he understands the meaning behind it now too! We didn’t quite make it with the correct amount of stripes as we ran out of room, but I think he got the right idea of red, white, red, white.

Happy Memorial Day and a big thanks to all of you who have served!

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