May 29

DIY Chalkboards

I wanted to find a bunch of small chalk boards for Cooper’s party and wasn’t able to find exactly what I was looking for. My husband had the great idea of making them. We found small square pieces of wood at Joann’s craft store for only $.29 each. I am going to use the mini chalkboards for food signs at the table. We will be serving brunch and the food will consist of quiche, and some breakfast casseroles. Since it is not your every day party food I thought I would make signs so people are not guessing what they are eating. I am sure after this party I will have a slew of recipes to share if they turn out well. I also made a large chalkboard that says “Whoooo is Hungry?”. This will be hung above the food table. Since we have an owl theme I thought this would be perfect.

Here is what you will need:

These are the pieces of wood that we purchased for $.29 each.

First I cut a post-it out and stuck it to the center of the wood. I used this for a template so they would all look the same.

Then put masking tape on the exposed wood. Creating your boarder.

Remove the post-it note and make sure you press the masking tape down really well to prevent the paint from running under.

Apply a thick coat of the Plaid brand chalkboard paint. You could do several coats if you wanted, but to save time I just painted one thick coat.

Remove the masking tape and allow to dry for a couple of hours.

Making your own chalkboard is so simple. You will probably never buy another chalkboard again. This paint can be applied to almost anything. I have used it on mason jars for organizing purposes. The paint can also be applied to a wall for children to color on. So clever and inexpensive!

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