Jun 04

Owl Themed Birthday Party

Cooper’s 1st birthday party was on Saturday. We had a great time celebrating with family and friends! The theme of the party was owls, as you can tell by the top of the cake. The cake was made by my mom and she did such a fantastic job! Our decorations were all low cost and very simple.
I was very daring with our food and tried all new recipes. They were fantastic! I will be posting the recipes in the near future. The food went very quickly so it must have been good. We had Go-gurts and Organic chocolate milk for the kids, banana bread, fruit kabobs, quiche, gluten free oatmeal cakes, french toast casserole, and muffins from Costco. I purchased the plates, napkins, silverware, table cloths, and serving platters at Wal-mart. They were all priced very reasonably. The “Cooper’s Party” sign was made on my Cricut machine – very easy. The “Whooo is hungry” sign was made from wood and chalkboard paint, instructions here.

This casserole was so yummy and super easy. I will post the recipe in the next couple of days.

I didn’t make these, they came right from Costo. Since they’re so huge I cut them in half.

We kept the drinks very simple with orange juice, peach tea, and blueberry tea.

Owl treat bags, instructions here.

Craft table for the kids. We bought the wooden owl masks at Joann’s for $1 each. They turned out to be a hit, the kids loved them.

I found some cute iron on decals at Joann craft store for Cooper’s outfit. He had the number one on his shirt and an owl on his booty.

I kept the tables very simple. The homemade pinwheels were placed in a small baby food jar and filled with marbles. I had some owl and other animal cutouts that my mother-in-law had purchased at a teaching store.

We had all of the guests sign a scrapbooking page as they arrived.

We had such a great party for our little guy. So much fun making everything and spending time with our family and closest friends. We are so blessed to have two sweet little boys! I can’t believe Cooper is already a year old!

Happy owling!

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  1. Karen

    You created a wonderful celebration for Cooper! The food was delicious and everything was so creative and thoughtful! As always, you give your best for your family, which I especially appreciate since you are married to my son and the mama of my grandsons!

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