Jun 22

Baby Food Recipe made from Strawberries, Bananas, and Nectarines

Cooper has turned in to a picky eater this last week and I wanted to make sure he was still going to get some fruits into his system. I had some fruit that was needing to be used very soon and thought I should make him a pureed mixture of fruits.

I used one and a half organic bananas, six strawberries, and two nectarines.

We have a strawberry huller that we love. This thing makes it so easy to remove the stems and core of the strawberry.

I put all of the fruits in a bowl and left the peel on the nectarines.

Next I used my Cuisinart hand blender and mixed everything together. This thing is awesome and really only takes a minute to mix everything. Very easy clean up too!

After the fruit is blended together divide into small bowls and refrigerate or freeze. I was able to get six large servings out of this amount of fruit.  I am hoping this will be more appealing to Cooper and I can get him to eat some solid foods.

Since Cooper has turned one he is able to have eggs. I tried this today for the first time and he did eat maybe five bites. I added some broccoli to the scrambled eggs since he loves broccoli.

I bought a dozen organic free range eggs at Walmart for $3.18, which I thought was a pretty good deal. These will last us a long time. I am noticing that Walmart is carrying more and more organic food, which is very exciting to me since we have a Walmart less than a mile away.

If you have a fruit mixture that you have made for your baby/toddler please post below. I would love to try some new ideas.

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