Jun 26

DIY Easy Knitted Headband

Knitting is one of my favorite crafts, especially when I can sit down and finish a small project in a day. This cute headband took a couple of hours to make and is so easy.

I used my favorite bamboo knitting needles No.8 5.00mm. I really like the bamboo needles because they are so quiet while knitting. The metal ones have a constant clicking that drives me crazy. I casted on eight stitches with a simple knit stitch. I continued to knit until the headband was long enough to comfortably fit around my head. Note that yarn normally stretches so take this into consideration for your length.

I then used embroidery floss and added a flower. You can get creative with your designs, but a flower is very easy to do. Obviously my flower is not perfect, but I didn’t intend for it to be.

I simply sewed the ends together with an additional length of same colored yarn. Don’t worry about this being perfect as no one will really see it. The important thing is to make sure it is knotted at the end very tightly.

Then your headband is complete and ready for an outing.

Happy knitting!


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