Jan 16

Rockin’ Green Detergent Review

My cloth diapers recently started smelling pretty bad so I decided to strip them with Rockin’ Green
detergent.  When I first purchased my new Rockin’ detergent I thought I would just use it to strip my diapers every few months, however after my first wash I think I have changed my mind. I actually really like the way  the detergent leaves my diapers feeling. They are extremely soft and clean feeling. I am strongly considering using Rocking Green for all my future washes. I purchased the Smashing Watermelon scent, however there is no scent left on the diapers after the wash is complete. There are different types of detergent depending on your water type. I purchased the Hard Rock since we have extremely hard water. Make sure you purchase the correct detergent for your specific water type.

I was able to go 6 months before I needed to strip my diapers. I have always used Seventh Generation Natural Detergent. I think this detergent works great for cloth diapers, however over time the detergent does build up on the diapers causing the smell to stick to the diapers. I was able to go 6 months with out any issues. Now that I have used Rockin’ Green I don’t know that I will go back. The diapers seem to feel softer, cleaner, and they do not have the smell of ammonia anymore. I have only done a few washes with the Rockin’ Green, but I will continue to use it and do another review in a couple of months.

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