Nov 14

Things I found to be helpful while traveling

My husband and I recently took a three week vacation. Our vacation included a two hour flight to our destination, five nights at hotels, a two day drive to our next destination, and then two weeks at a family members house, then another two and a half hour flight home. Packing for this trip was very stressful and I had to be sure to not forget anything.

Here is a list of important thing for flights and long car drives:

  • Diaper bag with an extra set of clothes for each child and a jacket if your destination will have a cool temperature.
  • Small container of purel for the plane
  • Sanitizing wipes
  • I always throw all liquids into a big Ziploc bag for plane rides (medicine, milk, applesauce, purel, sippy cups)
  • Ziploc bag of snacks ( I put boxes of raisins, peanut butter crackers, organic lolly pops, fruit snacks, cereal bars) I normally just keep this bag in my backpack and then leave it in the car for those urgent car ride snacks.
  • Horizon Organic milk cartons, they don’t have to be refrigerated
  • Backpack with kids toys (coloring books, stickers, books, and small toys)
  • Small blanket and or pillow
  • Portable video player (iPad, DVD player, cell phone)
  • On-The-Go potty and extra underwear for the car.
  • We bought a cheap $2 Styrofoam ice chest at Walmart once we got our rental car for Gogurts, soda, and water.

A few other tips for traveling:

  • If you are going to be traveling for a long period of time consider buying things that take up a lot of room there, such as diapers, nursing pads, and snacks.
  • If a washer will be available for your use then pack less clothes and wash them there.
  • Do your laundry before returning home, makes it much easier when unpacking.

The most important thing is to stay relaxed, children can sense when you are stressed causing them to behave differently. Remember to take pictures of your beautiful family. Happy traveling!!

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