Jul 10

Knitting Challenge; Making a Simple Afghan

My husband has returned to Phoenix  for a few weeks so I am trying to stay busy while he is gone. I thought I would start a knitting project. I have always wanted to have a large afghan and I have decided now is the time to make one. I will be knitting a square everyday making 48 squares total for my afghan. I am hoping by knitting one square a day I will be finished by August 27th, giving myself a couple of extra days. After all of the squares are complete I will be sewing the squares together.

I started my square by casting on 20 stitches.  For the entire square I did a simple knit stitch and knitted 32 rows.

With the yarn I am using 32 rows was perfect to make a square. Depending on the yarn, you may need more or less rows. A good way to determine if you have a square or not is to fold into a triangle. If the corners match up then it is time to cast off.

The yarn I will be using is the Homespun Lion Brand yarn. This yarn has a variety of different colors and is extremely soft. My afghan squares will be made of all different colors.

I am starting my second square today and hope to finish one a day. More posts to follow with updates!



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