Jul 11

My Fake Cake Pops

The other day when I made our 4th of July cupcakes I had left over batter and made a small loaf of bread with the remaining. I was just going to slice the bread and eat it, but then my husband said I should make cake pops. I have never made cake pops, but thought I would give it a try. I call them my fake cake pops because they are frosted instead of dipped in frosting.  They actually turned out really good and were delicious!

First I crumbled up the cake and added a large scoop of premade frosting. I then started to mix the two together until the cake was really moist.

I then took a scoop and started to mash it together and form a ball. Make sure to roll the ball really tight so it will hold its form.

After I rolled the balls I frosted them with the premade frosting. This was a messy process, but was well worth it.

Add any color of sprinkles and insert a popsicle stick or not. I think they taste best chilled in the fridge, but it is not necessary.

These cake pops are really yummy and very easy to make. They certainly are not as good as the real cake pops, but still super tasty.

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