Jul 25

Driftwood and Bead Garland

Since we have been on the coast this summer we have really enjoyed collecting driftwood on the beach. There seems to be a plenty around here. There are so many neat things that can be made out of drift wood and it is free. Years ago we collected larger pieces of drift wood and made a garland that is hanging outside. I love the way the smaller pieces look and wanted to try and make a vertical garland with beads to give it some color. This project is so easy and I think the garland looks really unique.

What you will need:

  • Beads
  • String
  • Driftwood
  • Drill

I purchased a large box of colorful glass beads and I used hemp for my string. Drill small holes in the driftwood. Driftwood is very easy to drill through. I have never really used a drill on my own before this project and I had no problems.

Start by placing a bead at the bottom and securing with a knot.

Then slide a piece of driftwood onto the string.

Keep going until the desired length is achieved.

I made mine about three feet long and may even add more. I would like to eventually hang this from the ceiling.

We have been collecting a lot of driftwood and there are more projects to come!



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  1. Patty-Mama

    Love, love, love it!!!!!

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