Sep 03

Handmade Flannel Baby Burp Cloths

Last year my sister-in-law and I made a bunch of baby items and sold them at craft shows. This year I will not be doing any craft shows, but still have a ton of inventory. These are some of the burp cloths we made out of flannel fabric. I love these burp cloths! They are super absorbent and extremely soft. My sister-in-law made several of these for my babies and I made more since they worked so well. The edges are frayed and get more and more frayed as they are washed giving them a very unique look.For purchasing information please visit my Etsy page.

The shape of these cloths fit comfortably and perfectly on a shoulder.

Each set comes with four burp cloths. A couple of the sets have a couple of different patters like these pink ones.

Please visit my Etsy page for purchasing information. Custom orders are always welcome. If you are looking for a specific pattern or color just let me know.

Happy shopping!

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