Sep 25

Construction Truck Birthday Party

Our little Carter turned 4 years old a few days ago!! He absolutely loves trucks and insisted on having a truck birthday party. This party was so much fun to plan, was fairly simple, and inexpensive.

The food table consisted of apple slices with peanut butter, grapes, strawberries, black bean dip, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, cheese quesadillas, and chips. The apple slices were placed in mini cups with the peanut butter already at the bottom for easy serving. I tossed the apples with a little lemon juice and water before hand and they stayed white through out the entire party. I premade all of the cheese quesadillas about a half hour before the party started and placed them in the oven at a very low temp so they would be warm when it was time to eat. I made the black bean dip the day before and the guacamole the morning of the party. I always like to add something colorful to the center of the table so I purchased flowers from Costco that we are still enjoying. The Happy Birthday sign was made on the Cricut Expressions Machine. Everything that I made with the Cricut Machine was done from the Plantin SchoolBook Cartridge that most often comes with the machine. All of the food tasted great and seemed to be a hit.

For the kids table I made custom hats for each child with their name and then an orange circle that said Carter’s Crew. I purchased the construction hats off Amazon for very inexpensive. Truck stickers were placed on the table so kids could decorate their hats however they wanted. I also placed the goodie bags at the back of the table just so they were not so tempting for the kids to grab right away. I used a white paper bag and stapled an orange piece of paper on the top with each child’s name and a thank you note. The bags were filled with all kinds of little goodies from Party City. I placed a couple of Carter’s construction trucks and books around the table as well. The signs that I taped to the front on the tablecloth were purchased at Joann’s Craft Store for less than $2. I made a couple of signs for the wall with my Cricut machine. So easy and I thought rather clever.

I used my Cricut machine to cute out the names for each hat. I found that by using non textured paper I could cut the letters really small and not have any tearing issues.

I found this cute construction vest at Joann’s for $3 and with my 50% off coupon only $1.50!

I had a small table for the kids with truck puzzles for one of the activities. The work zone sign was once again made on the Cricut Machine. I really love this thing!

We set Carter’s blocks out for the kids to play with. The Under Construction sign was made on the Cricut and glued to a piece of yellow foam paper. The wood truck was purchased at Joann’s Craft Store for $.59.

Carter’s cake was so much fun to make and probably the first time I have not been stressed out when making a cake. This cake is four layers and frosted with several containers of premade frosting. I purchased the Happy Birthday letters at Walmart along with the trucks. The cones and signs are something we already had. For the dirt I crushed up Oreos with chocolate filling. Seriously so much fun to make and all of the kids loved it!

Carter and his friends had so much fun and I am so pleased with the way things turned out. Thanks to my terrific husband for all of his help!

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