Sep 30

Witch Pumpkin

Carter and I got in the Fall spirit this weekend and decorated our first pumpkin of the year together. We had purchased a cardboard hat at Joann’s Craft Store for $1.50 a week or so ago and thought this would go perfect on our witch pumpkin.

First, we painted the hat black, this took a few coats.

Next, we cut out a bunch of purple and orange circles on the Cricut Expressions Machine. The largest being 3/4 inch and the smallest being 1/4 inch.

We hot glued the dots all over the hat. Carter did lose interest with this process, but had fun pretending to paint the pumpkin.

I painted the eyes and mouth onto the front and we used the stem for the nose. We decided the witch needed some hair and used rafia for this. After adding the hair and a rafia bow to the top of the hat our pumpkin was complete.

Happy Fall!


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  1. Patty-Mama

    So cute! I love it!

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