Oct 09

Fall Pumpkin Painting for Toddlers

As soon as I see pumpkins in the store I get very excited. When I was pregnant with my second son I had terrible morning sickness for the first couple of months. I felt so awful that we never made it to the store to get pumpkins that year. I was so sad for my older son and I made a promise to myself that I would never let another fall season go by without buying a real pumpkin. With this being said as soon as I see the pumpkins in the store I have to buy one. We purchased a bag of small pumpkins for around $3 at Walmart that we have been using as a center piece. Carter has really enjoyed painting recently so we thought we would add some color to our centerpiece and paint a couple of them.

First he selected his colors.

Then got to painting. No instructions were given I just let him paint away. I love to see the creations little ones come up with.

The finished project :0)

The pumpkin I painted.

We had so much fun painting our pumpkins and they kept us busy for a good portion of the afternoon.

Happy Fall!!


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